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How to Manage Your Email List (The Complete Guide to an Engaged Email List)

Want a more engaged email list? Check out this li'l guide to organizing, managing, and implementing a rockstar strategy for your ecommerce email list in Drip ECRM.

Marketing Automation

Ecommerce Order Bumps: Install This Campaign to Boost Your Repeat Sales

The Ecommerce Order Bump is one of the easiest ways to boost your online store's revenue overnight. Swipe this done-for-you email template to set it up.

Marketing Automation

The Best 3 Ecommerce Email Marketing Automation Workflows in 2019

Want a proven ecommerce marketing strategy to drive revenue? These three automated ecommerce email marketing campaigns give you 80% of the results for 20% of the work.

Marketing Automation

BigMarker + Drip: How to Use Modern Webinars and Marketing Automation to Sell More This Month

Drip now integrates with BigMarker, the platform for modern webinars. Here are a few of the coolest BigMarker features (and how they work with Drip).

Best Practices

Tutorial: Use Progressive Profiling to Segment Your Audience with Laser Precision

In this tutorial, Drip product expert Josh Braaten breaks down how (and why) to segment your audience with progressive profiling via email.

Case Studies

Case Study: See a 22% Boost in Your Shopify Store's Monthly Revenue with This Email Marketing Strategy

In this case study, you’re going to learn how The Kewl Shop CEO Charles Fitzgerald grew his ecommerce company’s revenue by 22% with marketing automation.

Marketing Automation

How 3 Entrepreneurs Built 6-Figure Businesses by Sending Daily Emails

One underrated way to build a highly responsive email list is to send emails daily. Here's how 3 founders built huge businesses by writing one email a day.

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4 Marketing Ideas for Small Business You Can Launch in Under 2 Hours

Are you looking for ideas to grow your small business—without spending all your time on marketing? Try these four effective ideas that take next to no time.

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Build Your Email List: How to Get Your First 100 Subscribers Fast with $200 in Paid Advertising

In this guide, you'll learn how to quickly and easily build an email list in any market with Facebook advertising—even if you're starting without a website.

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[Case Study] How One Agency Added $35K/Month in Recurring Revenue by Selling Digital Products with Drip

If you’re a consultant, the benefits of selling a digital product are huge. Here's how one agency turned its expertise into an extra $35K per month.

See how Drip will transform your online store.