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Top 5 Automated Ecommerce Campaigns that Drive ROI

One of the double edged swords of ecommerce marketing is the sheer number of opportunities you have to connect with your customers. So many places to engage and drive revenue. On the flip side, how do you know where to focus your energy to create a cohesive customer experience? We’ve got you covered with these five automated ecommerce campaigns. If you do nothing else with your ecommerce marketing, get these five automated campaigns off the ground.


Ecommerce Mastery: Hot Tips on the Customer Journey

A sneak preview of insights generated by our ecommerce research study. Learn about our online experiences with 2 brands — where they score big and where they miss the mark.


Attribute More Revenue to Your Welcome Series with These Three Tips

When a prospect gives you their email address, it’s a big deal. Second only to that person making their first purchase. The messaging that comes after someone entrusts you with their sacred email address is a crucial piece of the ecommerce puzzle.


5 Ideas to Spice Up Your Abandoned Cart Strategy

Five tips backed by revenue-generation-science to help you optimize your abandoned cart strategy.

Best Practices

How to Use Product Recommendations at the Right Point in the Customer Journey

Product Recommendations are a simple yet powerful way to build customer loyalty and encourage repeat purchases. Read up on how to send highly relevant and personalized recommendations to customers at a critical phase in their customer journey.

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