[Integration] Drip and Zapier Make Millions of Marketing Automation Possibilities

Drip is honored to be on the just-announced list of Zapier’s Fastest Growing Apps of 2017, in the company of popular integrations like Facebook Lead Ads, Google Forms, Big Cartel, and many more. Click here to see the whole list, and learn more about Zapier and Drip together.


Zapier offers countless ways to connect the apps that are crucial to your digital marketing—and then automate interactions between them.

These automation options become even more powerful, when you fully integrate Zapier with an email marketing automation platform, like Drip. If you haven’t already explored how Drip and Zapier work in harmony together, we think you’ll find tons of neat things you can do.

You’ll notice there are more than 20 triggers and actions in Drip, that can send data to, or pull data from, hundreds of different tools you already use.

In the past, connecting these separate parts of your marketing stack would’ve required paying an experienced programmer—or it might’ve been simply impossible altogether.

But with the magic of Drip and Zapier working together, you can connect tools and automate tasks with Drip and Zapier, all by yourself—and you can start for free.

Here’s everything you’ll need:

Zaps are Zapier’s name for the automated tasks between services you connect, like your shopping cart and your CRM, or your quiz software and your email marketing tool. You can start creating Zaps as soon as you’ve logged in to Zapier. Zaps allow you to pass data back and forth between tools and trigger actions in those same tools, based on events in one tool or the other.

When a Zap pushes data into your Drip account, you can do things like:

  • Create or update a subscriber.
  • Trigger an event.
  • Add a subscriber to a campaign.
  • 10+ other options.

Zaps can also send data from your Drip account to another tool when things happen like:

  • A custom event is recorded.
  • A subscriber visits a page on your website.
  • A subscriber clicks a link in an email.
  • And many more.

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[Cofounder Update] For the First Time in History, World-Class Marketing Automation Has a Free Plan

marketing automation platform image

Check out Drip’s no strings attached, forever-free plan

With my team at Drip, and more recently alongside the team at Leadpages, I’ve dedicated the past 4 years of my career to building one of the most powerful email marketing and automation tools in the world.

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World-Class Marketing Automation for $1/Month Free

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Update: As of October 2016, this plan is now free—forever. Check out our announcement post to get the details.

Less than 2 weeks ago I announced that we were acquired by Leadpages, with the intent of channeling their sizeable resources into delivering more value to our customers and accelerating growth.

And here we are, 14 days later, with the first examples of how we plan to do that.

Marketing Automation for $1/month

Today we’re launching the least expensive entry-level marketing automation plan you will find anywhere. It’s $1/month.

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Today…We Do Our Best to Fix What You Hate About Email Marketing Software

This post discusses things you’ve told us again and again that infuriate you about email marketing software, and how we hope to fix them for you today.

Yesterday, I made a few grandiose predictions about where I think email marketing and automation are headed based on the most common complaints we hear about the dozens of email marketing tools our customers have used (including our own).

Unfortunately, it seems that a lot of things are still broken with email marketing software.

Here’s the shortlist:

  • Using “lists” to organize subscribers
  • Lack of tags & automation
  • Rats nests of automation rules
  • Absence of a visual campaign builder
  • Buggy visual campaign builders
  • Ugly/overly complex visual campaign diagrams
  • And several others…

Drip has been all set on the first 2 points for going on 2 years, but the more we’ve heard the other issues, the hotter the fire burned in our bellies to fix them.

It’s hard to stand by and watch people feel frustrated with the tools they’re using to run their businesses.

Enter Workflows
So we spent months researching, dissecting, and studying the best aspects and biggest shortfalls of today’s email marketing tools.

During the design process we focused on designing something to make your life easier. And we kept circling back to three goals:

  1. Make something that’s easy enough to learn without documentation
  2. Meet or exceed the capabilities of the most powerful tools available
  3. Make something that’s easy for you (the user) to maintain

With the above as our focus, today we launch the biggest feature to come out of Drip in 18 months. We hope it has a dramatic impact in how you communicate with your subscribers, and that it makes your life easier along the way.

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Tomorrow…The Next Evolution in Email Marketing

January 26, 2016

Marketing automation is the future of email marketing. That used to be debatable…I think at this point the debate is over.

Over the past 18 months, since Drip pioneered lightweight marketing automation by becoming the first email marketing tool to add dead-simple tagging and automation at a sub-$50 price point, there have been many fast-followers.

Since then, most of the major email marketing tools have announced some kind of email automation.

A few smaller competitors jumped on the bandwagon that we began, copying our lower-cost, lightweight approach, ease of use, our trigger/action interface, and even the words we’ve used to describe our features and other offerings.

But the problem with fast-followers is that they’re followers. Their idea of innovation is to look at what’s working for someone else and copy that company’s features, approach, pricing, and user interface.

But the one thing they can’t copy…is innovation.

We’re happy we made it here first, and that we played our part in moving the industry forward. We want everyone’s email marketing to get better, and if that happens through pushing our competition to pick up the pace…all the better.

The Next Evolution in Email Marketing
But the moment we launched automation we asked ourselves: what’s the next major innovation in email marketing?

And the answer, months in the making, will be live inside Drip tomorrow.

While I can’t yet tell you what it is, I can give you a few hints.

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Drip + Gumroad is Now One-Click Simple

Based on customer requests, our integration with Gumroad just became one-click simple.

Instead of fumbling around for your Gumroad product IDs to activate rules, we’ve added the ability to link your Drip account with your Gumroad account.

This allows for an easy-to-use list of your products within Drip, easing the process of tying a Gumroad purchase to a Drip automation action:


Your existing (ping-based) Gumroad rules will continue to work, but can be easily upgraded to the new approach if desired.

Full setup and upgrade docs are here.

Still haven’t given Drip a try? You should. Here’s 21 days free, on me.

DeLorean Not Required: Travel Back in Time and Tag Subscribers Based on Past Link Clicks

Photo by brianneudorff

We recently released one of the coolest marketing automation innovations I’ve seen in a while.

It’s one of those “job saving” features that will save your bacon when your boss asks you to setup an automation rule and you decide to catch up on The Walking Dead instead (spoiler: someone dies in that episode).

I’m pretty sure this feature is unique to Drip; I haven’t heard another marketing automation platform that’s able to do it.

We didn’t even think of it ourselves – it was a suggestion from one of our many exceptionally intelligent (and did we mention good-looking?) customers.

It’s the ability to go back in time and tag everyone who clicked a link in an email, after the email is sent.

It’s located in the Clicks report:

Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 5.17.28 PM

All you have to do to tag all link clickers is hit “Apply Tag,” start typing a tag (we auto-complete), and apply it:

Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 5.17.54 PM

BAM! You’ve just been saved from yourself. You can send flowers, candy, and thank you cards to our Fresno office.

If you’re already a Drip customer, take advantage of this report via Reports->Clicks.

If you’re not a Drip customer, what are you waiting for? Try Drip free for 3 weeks.

How to Send Your Best Drip Leads into Close.io for Manual Follow-Up

Close.io logo

Close.io is CRM/sales software used to help sales people manually follow-up with leads via hand-sent emails and phone calls.

Drip is marketing automation software used to capture leads through your website and landing page providers, and nurture them via behavioral email marketing.

So what happens when these two worlds collide and you want to take your best leads from Drip and push them into Close.io for manual follow-up?

That’s what we’ll be talking about today.

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