Lesson 5

The Post First Purchase Series

Goal: Turn one-time customers into loyal repeat customers.

Chapter 5: The Post First Purchase Series

Is there a better feeling than making a purchase? For customers and sellers, it’s an exciting time, and capitalizing on the honeymoon period is a great way to maximize customer loyalty and help turn one-time purchasers into loyal customers.

The Post Purchase flow helps you do exactly that. There are three emails in this series, and they all serve a specific purpose.


Anyone who opts in to your email list via a form, and anyone who makes a purchase.

Email 1: Thank You

This email is a simple thank you. Here are some subject line ideas:

  • Thank you for your purchase
  • Welcome to the [Your brand name here] family

This is your first email in a three-part series welcoming customers who have just made their first purchase. You can use this email to introduce yourself and your brand. This is similar to a welcome series, except these customers have already made a purchase (yay!)

We recommend you utilize the recommended products feature here to suggest additional products they may like.

Email 2: Fulfillment FAQs

Since we’re covering things about fulfillment here, here are some ideas:

  • Questions about your order? We have answers
  • Here’s what to expect while you wait for your order

Use this email to tell customers what they can expect now that they’ve placed their orders.

Here are some examples of information you might want to include:

  • Shipping times
  • Your refund and return policy
  • Your guarantee policy (if you have one)

We recommend including any information that customers typically ask when it comes to the fulfillment of their orders.

Email 3: Tying up loose ends

This is where you can ask for reviews, give information on how to contact customer support, and other housekeeping things. Examples:

  • Questions? Concerns? We want to hear from you!
  • Tell us what you think of your purchase

This is the final email in your series - time to tie up the loose ends!

Some good things to include here:

  • How to request customer support
  • Customer review requests
  • Additional recommended products
Lesson 5
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