Lesson 3

The Abandoned Cart Series

Goal: Recover lost revenue and strengthen customer loyalty.

Chapter 3: The Abandoned Cart Series

Okay, let’s talk statistics for a second. There’s a really good chance you have lots of people coming to your site, adding items to their carts, and then exiting your site without making a purchase. How do I know this? Because experts put the rate of cart abandonment anywhere from 69-85%! This is a big problem. Or, a big opportunity, depending on whether or not you’re utilizing an abandoned cart campaign.


Anyone who creates a cart and leaves your site without making a purchase.

Email 1: You forgot something!

Subject Line
The element of surprise is on your side here. People likely aren’t expecting an email reminding them of their abandoned cart. Here are some examples:

  • Uh oh. Did you forget something?
  • Oops, you left something behind

This is a fun place to utilize some marketing psychology by playing to your customer’s sense of FOMO (fear of missing out). Here are some examples:

  • We saved your cart for you, but we cant hold the door forever

There are two really important components to an abandoned cart campaign.

First, you need to give people a link that will return them to their cart so they can complete the purchase. Drip gives you this option in the form of a premade content block.

Second, you need to include the products your customers left in their carts in the email so they remember what they were shopping for.

This email is a simple reminder to bring the abandoned cart back to the top of your customers inboxes. Utilize the power of scarcity and limited time in your copy.

Email 2: Your Cart Misses You

Subject Line and Preheader:
Whatever you did in your previous email, play off of it here.

This email is a secondary reminder about what your customers left in their carts. Don’t overthink it - just play off of what you had in your first email.

Remember to include the products they abandoned and a link to take them back to their cart so they can finish the purchase.

Email 3: Last Chance (for real)

Subject line and Preheader:
This is the final email in the series, make it known here by utilizing more of that scarcity or limited-time copy. Here are some examples:

  • Your cart just can’t wait any longer
  • Last chance to recover your lost cart

This is a good spot to drop in an offer, if you want. Even if it’s free shipping or a free gift, it can still be effective and close the deal.

As with the other two emails, make sure you’re including what was in the carts and a link to return to the purchase.

Need some inspo? Here are some we love:

Lesson 3
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